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25th March 2018

The Healy Enigma Owners Club stand was supported by some of our wonderful Enigma owners.
A big Thank you to Mike and Karen for organising the fabulous weekend.😁😁


The Healy Designs Team


22nd March 2018

The Healy Designs YeamJust setting up the stand and look who took the time to say hello πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘


The Healy Designs Team

Manchester Classic Car Show

16th September 2017

A great day at Event City in Manchester at the Classic Car Show. . We welcomed both new and existing customers . A good day was had by all. Jan & Ryan enjoyed having their photo taken with the Holyland's black cherry V8 kindly lent to us for the show.


The Healy Designs Team

Peterborough Embankment Classic Car Show

2nd September 2017

A lovely sunny day at the Embankment in Peterborough. We spent a great day chatting and introducing the Enigma to a new audience. Thank you for all the nice comments😁😁


Mick and Shelly- Healy Designs Team

Chateau Impney Hill Climb

8th July 2017

What a fantastic day at Chateau Impney. Our first visit to the event and we were not disappointed. The Enigma car had plenty of attention amongst the classics. We met a gentleman who drove a 1990 Formula one car previously driven by Nelson Piquet. The Aston Martin DB10 used in the James Bond film was on show too. We were also admiring the 2 million pound new BugattiπŸ˜€πŸ˜€After a wander around and watching practice laps we were lucky enough to see the Lancaster Bomber fly over. We had a lovely pic nic in the viewing field and then we saw the Red Arrows display. Lovely venue, lovely company and lovely weather. I would recommend this event and we will be hoping to have an Owners stand there next year.


Mick and Shelly- Healy Designs

Healy Enigma Road Trip Day 15

30th May 2017

Day Fifteen

We left Lake Trasimeno via a small country road that snaked its way up the hill side, this proved to be the start of a section of road that wound its
way up and down through the Umbrian countryside, absolutely superb, alternating between forest covered hills and green valleys with hardly any other cars.

Then after about 20 miles along a very bumpy dual carriageway, we headed east again towards San Marino and the scenery (and roads) became even more
dramatic. The old part of San Marino sits on top of Mount Titano, a huge lump of rock not far from Rimini on the Adriatic coast. Our hotel was inside the city walls and a pass was required before we could negotiate the tight roads through the pedestrian only area. The hotel Rosa has its own covered parking area which kept the cars out of the baking sun – and
the thunderstorm in the middle of the night.


Mike - Chairman of the Owners Club

Healy Enigma Road Trip Days 16 & 17

30th May 2017

Day Sixteen

The cars stayed at the hotel today as we explored the town of San Marino,
it is a fascinating place with tremendous views but hardly a horizontal
pathway and it was very hot, so the day’s exploits were punctuated
regularly with refreshments.

Day Seventeen

From now on its North all the way, we left San Marino and used the
Autostrada virtually all the way to Monza. We took a diversion to see the
famous Enzo and Dino circuit at Imola and although we could walk round to
the Acqua Minerali bend, the circuit was being used by Lamborghini for the
launch of their new Huracan.

For the second time on this trip, we raised the top although this time it
Was not for the rain but the sun, it got hotter and hotter as we
approached Milan so the last hour was spent undercover with the air con
doing its thing.

In the evening we were very pleasantly surprised, after dinner, we went
for a stroll over to the Royal Park opposite the hotel and there was a
Jazz band playing enthusiastically on the balcony of the Royal Palace.
They wore yellow Bat Man capes and masks and were having a great time, as
were the people gathered around, they then led the crowd off to the rose
garden where a concert was about to start. – great fun.


Mike - Chairman of the Owners Club

Healy Enigma Road Trip Days 18 & 19

30th May 2017

Day Eighteen

With the Monza Formula 1 circuit in the park opposite the hotel, , it was
an obvious start to the day. In the process of driving o the track, we
found ourselves in the middle of a marathon event with runners streaming
along the access road, after the bulk had passed, we were able to gently
pick our way through. The marathon was actually finishing on the
start/finish line of the circuit and with all the activity going on, we
were able to slip onto the track and take a few pictures.

After that it was a case of hitting the motorways, destination France. We
have come to the conclusion that Jason (the Sat Nav) is a teenager, this
would account for the sudden loss of interest at the critical moments and
would also explain that very teenage problem of waking up in the morning,
it took a number of goes to get the route sorted before we could set off.

It was a very long and hot day, starting with the flat land between Milan
and Turin, we turned left and headed up the valley to the Mount Blanc
tunnel and the scenery changed dramatically with the huge snow covered
peaks towering way above us. The tunnel itself is 11km long and when you
emerge, you are in France. After that it was a few more hours up the
motorway to Tournus in Burgundy where we enjoyed a very pleasant meal on
an open terrace.

Day Nineteen

Another day on the motorway it it has not got any cooler with the
temperatures up in the lower 30’s. There were two main route available but
as we didn’t fancy getting tangled up in the Paris traffic, we headed up
the east of France past Dijon, Troyes and Rheims. As we were passing
Rheims, we popped off the motorway to take a look at the pits on the
start/finish straight of the old Grand Prix circuit, this is just a
stretch of the public road but the grandstands, control tower and pits are
still standing. The circuit formed a triangle of roads and, with the
exception of the hairpin to the west, you can drive round what was once
the track.

Our final hotel of the trip is the Ibis at the service area at
Assevilliers and it is the first disappointment, the air con has packed


Mike - Chairman of the Owners Club

Healy Enigma Road Trip day 11 - 14

25th May 2017

Day Fourteen

A day for exploring, we drove around the back roads of Umbria and Tuscanny including the hill-top town of Montepulchiano, famous for its wines, and
of course we could leave there without adding a couple of bottles to the boot.

The countryside around here is rolling and every bend reveals another great view, for a place so hot, it is surprisingly green.


Mike - Chairman of the Owners Club

New Enigma Owner

23rd May 2017

A big welcome to Les from Northamptonshire who's joined the Enigma family .
Happy Motoring πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


The Healy Designs Team

Healy Enigma Road Trip Day 8,9 & 10

20th May 2017

Day Eight

You could not visit the centre of Brescia and fail to notice that the
Mille Miglia was in town, as well as posters, banners and flags in
abundance, the main square was cordoned off with a village of corporate tents and media cameras everywhere. And then there are the cars, priceless
examples from the 1920s onwards, O.M. (The car that won the original 1927 event), Bugattis, Alfa Romeos, Astons, Mercedes, Lagondas and many more.
We found a table at a café in one of the squares and watched as the cars queued up and proceeded on to the Sealing ceremony, it was like a moving
classic car show where the fantastic cars came to you. After sealing, the cars were parked all over the city centre, in squares and side streets, all quite amazing.

We got to Brescia by driving to a town on the end of their Metro system, a very modern multi-story car park looked after the Enigma and we were whisked straight into the centre of the city by a driverless train, very clean and efficient.

Day Nine

There was no need to return to Brescia on the day of the race as the cars came to Sirmione, a passage check set up in the square just outside the
old gates soon attracted a crowd and a party atmosphere. Before the actual competitors came through, there was a companion event for modern sports cars, I hadn’t realised there were so many Mercedes SLS supercars made but car after car streamed into the passage check and then roared off along the side of the lake, then there were even more Ferraris from a Dino to an
F40 and everything in between. Interspersed between these cars were police motor cycles obviously enjoying the event as well.

Then the competitors of the main event came through and the party
atmosphere stepped up a gear, with the crowd cheering as a particularly nice car or a celebrity stopped to get their route card stamped. Roses were handed out to the lady competitors although some of the cars made the
Frogeye look big so there wasn’t much space to store them. As with the modern sports cars, the police were heavily involved with motor cycles and Alfa Romeo Giulias with very happy occupants mixed in with the competitors.

The day was rounded off with a magnificent firework display on the lake, as with Brescia, you could not have visited Sirmione without realising that the Mille Miglia was in town.

Day Ten

A relaxing day today, we took a pleasant drive through the countryside on the eastern shores of Lake Garda and stopped for lunch at a biker’s café,
as well as a lovely original C Type Jag, there were Gunfighter Motorcycle club members from 3 countries having lunch with their Harleys parked in a line. Sensing that the weather was about to change, we put the hoods up,
which is just as well as a flash of lightening and clap of thunder
heralded a massive thunderstorm that turned the roads into rivers. In the middle of this, the Enigma decided we would rather have the windows down!


Mike - Chairman of the Owners Club

Healy Enigma Road Trip Day Six and Seven

17th May 2017

Day Six

We left the alpine town of Nauders and headed south, our route took us through one of the highlights of the trip, the Stelvio Pass, however on the approach road we came across a sign saying that the pass was closed – big disappointment.

This meant quite a long re-route to the west in the direction of St Moritz and then over the Bernier Pass, this was stunning and well worth the diversion, the snow was piled up along the side of the road about 6 feet deep. Whilst up there we came across a helicopter with large bucket on the end of a wire rope, it was relaying concrete from a truck by the road to a
location well up the mountain.

The decent towards Brescia involved numerous hairpins and switchbacks and the extra width and length of the Enigma made it a joy to drive through the endless curves. Lower down we travelled through mile after mile of
tunnels and the ventilation left a lot to be desired.

After a very long day we reached the lovely town of Sirmione, occupying a peninsula stretching into the waters of Lake Garda, our hotel was on the small island at the far end which meant we had to drive over the drawbridge of the old castle and through the narrow medieval streets.

Day Seven

Today was a rest day, no motoring at all. The town of Sirmione is really something special, the sun is shining and the lake is a beautiful blue colour. We spent the day being tourists, visiting the amazing Roman villa and trying the gelato in the old town.

The Mille Miglia has a time check here on Thursday and the town is getting very excited with event flags and posters in all the restaurants and shops.


Mike - Chairman of the Owners Club

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